Those who know the sweeping wooded hills and panoramic views of northern Michigan know Wolverine as the welcoming town on the Sturgeon River that’s a gateway to outdoor recreation like no other north of 45th Parallel.¬† The Sturgeon River is widely known for carrying more water by volume than any river in the state… and is recognized by outdoors enthusiasts as a river that offers unbeatable fly fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and camping experiences.

ATV Trails in WolverineThe North Central State Trail runs right along the Sturgeon through Wolverine. It was recently named one the of finest “rails to trails” destinations in North America. For hiking and biking and snowmobiling in winter, nothing can match the NCS Trail! Stop along the trail and stay for a while in one of our quaint cabin establishments. Experience Sturgeon River Country here in the Great Up North!

The Wolverine truly is a village in the midst of the great outdoors of northern Michigan here in Cheboygan County. Not only does the Sturgeon River flow through town, but Wolverine is nestled close to the Wild Pigeon River Country known for its remote natural beauty, with the Pigeon River at the heart of it.

The largest elk herd east of the Rockies makes its home here. During the fall you can hear the magic of elk bugling on quiet fall nights with the stars bright like Christmas lights overhead. There are marvelous viewing opportunities all year round.

We’ve got wonderful lakes for boating recreation and the many wonders of the Great Up North are just a short drive from here no matter what your fancy.

So come to Wolverine! This is Sturgeon River Country.